Icon Pack 9

  David Bowie    mick jagger    Ziggy Stardust    ziggy    thin white duke    twd    diamond dogs    The Man Who Fell to Earth    70    early 70    other    icons    bw ic    cl ic  

Icon Pack 8

  david bowie    thin white duke    twd    berlin era    hours    seriousl moonlight    earthling    70    80    90    icon    bw icon  

defelina-deactivated20140330 asked: No, There is no life on mars.

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Hey, so I just got a new iphone (5C) and I was just wondering if any of you had the same phone and my backgrounds look ok on it. Coz if not I’ll change the dimensions when I make them.


Icon Pack 7

  david bowie    ziggy    ziggy stardust    twd    thin white duke    60    70    early 70    icons    bw ic  

Icon Pack 6

  david bowie    ziggy    Ziggy Stardust    Serious Moonlight    thin white duke    diamond dogs    Berlin era    twd    60    70    80    icons    other    cl ic  

Icon Pack 5

  david bowie    icons    berlin era    90    70    hours    earthling    cl ic  
  david bowie    phone    reality    00    cl phone  
  david bowie    phone    earthling    cl phone    90  
  david bowie    backgrounds    Thing White Duke    twd    cl bg    70