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gunsofbrixt0n asked: Hello, I really love your blog! Wondering if you have any pic of David and Freddie Mercury with a good quality? Thanks, you're awesome.

Thanks! These are the best quality ones I can find right now:


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Sorry for the lack of posts, I was camping for the past few days. Stuff will be posted soon I promise.

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hey guys, I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my store, I sell art and all that shit, so go buy some you kooks

I know this isn’t Bowie related, but there might eventually be some fan art on there so check is out please

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charlesdances asked: You're blog is AMAZING! I was wondering if you have the post of the picture of your icon?

Thank you! Well, the icon itself is here, but I flipped it around for myself :)

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ironvoan asked: hi :) i wonder if you could help me- i'm looking for pictures of David Bowie with knives. any knife. thanks in advance <3



Hmmmm, well I haven’t come across any yet. I’ve seen guns, but not knives. I could try and photoshop some in to a photo of your choice, but I can’t guarantee it would be one of my greatest edits as I’ve never tried anything like it before. I’ll keep a lookout for you though =)

Ok, so these are all I’ve found so far:


(Scissors, I know, but close yes?)


(I’ll add more as I find them)


I just found one more, I don’t know if it counts coz you can barely see it but here:


Ok, I know that this was from ages ago but I found a new one for you: